Ice Rivers Express

Boat ride in which you will visit the northern arm of Lake Argentino and the Spegazzini (the highest) and Upsala (one of the largest) glaciers, entering the bays that they form. You will also sail in the cord of icebergs located about 20 km from the Upsala Glacier, which offers spectacular views. The navigation takes place between spectacular massive icebergs with varied forms. Those passengers who want a more personalized service can include the entrance to the Captain’s Club.

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Boat ride in which you will visit the northern arm of Lake Argentino. The tour goes through the Spegazzini and the Upsala glaciers, entering the bays formed by them and, also, includes sailing in the cord of icebergs located about 20 km from the Upsala glacier.

In case of recruiting the tour transportation from your hotel, we will pick you up around 7:00 a.m and will undertake the journey of 50 Km to Punta Bandera, where the boat departs at 9:00 o’clock. In case of having your own vehicle, you must get to the port of Punta Bandera at 8:30 a.m.

The first part of the excursion is in the northern arm of Lake Argentino across the Boca del Diablo, the narrowest part of the lake, then you will go to the Upsala channel and the Spegazzini channel where you are able to see, at the end of each channel, the respective glaciers. The navigation runs between spectacular icebergs of immense size and varied forms. From the boat you will see, among others, the Upsala and the Spegazzini glaciers, the largest and highest respectively among all glaciers in the park.

Keep in mind that boats have very good heating and you only need to go out on deck in case you want to take pictures.

For those passengers wishing to make the trip in a more exclusive class, there is also the Captain's Club (VIP Captain's Club). This room, with capacity for 18 people, includes Open Bar with cafeteria and drinks, a 3 steps menu (appetizer, lunch and toast with the captain) combined with a unique panoramic view of the glaciers. Furthermore, you will have preferential location within the boat and a host and guide available throughout the tour.

7:00 Pick-up at hotel
40 km distance
8:30 Boarding in port
Boat tour in Lake Argentino
Visit to Upsala Glacier
Visit to Spegazzini Glacier
14:00 Return to the port
Return to El Calafate
15:30 Drop off at hotel
Included activities
Optional activities

The schedule, order and the activities can vary depending on the organization of the day.



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